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Boston Rallies for Obama to take Immigration Action

President Obama promised to take his executive action on green card law before summer’s end, then postponed his actions until after the upcoming election. In late September, activists for immigration reform held a National Week of Action, to gather and rally support for the families that are being divided by the different immigration laws governing children and adults.

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Obama Considering Ways to Increase Green Cards

President Barack Obama has been trying to mitigate the immigration issues facing Americans today, including many immigrants, both legal and illegal. He is trying to find a way to increase the number of annual green cards from 366,000 to nearly double that amount, drastically shortening wait times. The president is looking to decrease the number of illegal immigrants by making […]

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Easing Deportation Laws

The Obama administration has been at odds with the Republican House over immigration law reform regarding easing citizenship requirements for the millions of undocumented aliens in the US who are enrolled in our schools and universities, receiving public benefits, working in various industries and paying taxes, though many are living and working here under the radar.

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C-1 and D visa holders have a new green card option

As an attorney specializing in preparing winning I-601 hardship waivers, my law firm’s Boston office is eagerly awaiting March 4, 2013, the first day that USCIS will begin accepting I-601A provisional waivers for unlawful presence with stateside processing.

The new I-601A waiver offers a procedure change that allows applicants to remain in the United States while waiting for a decision. This what is meant by “stateside processing.” The I-601A waiver applies only to unlawful presence and is available only to those with U.S. citizen parents or spouses.

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How to get Italian citizenship and other immigration questions that I have no idea how to answer

I consider myself to be an effective immigration lawyer. Want a green card? I can show you the options and assess your chances. Have some complicated legal issues but still interested in applying for naturalization to be a U.S. citizen? Or do you need an attorney to represent you in Immigration Court? I can help.

But, as I’m an immigration lawyer in Boston, sometimes I get downright stumped. Here are some frequently asked questions that I have no idea how to answer:

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